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Sainte Jeanne Hotel Boutique & Spa

With a clear French esthetic, Sainte Jeanne Hotel Boutique & Spa is a five stars alternative for the ones who are looking for personalized attention. Luxury, comfort and decorative details give a strong identity to this warm proposal. .

Inevitably, the sense of direction seems to be lost, deceived by the typical French style of the hotel`s front. However, the façade is just a little bit of the inner design. Once you are inside it is pretty difficult to believe that you are in Mar del Plata city, even the patisserie`s aroma transports us into the captivating landscapes of Provenza`s region.

There are no random details; the entire hotel is a result of a deep marketing research directed by the owners Alberto and Ana Sterlicchio. They carefully defined every area and service following their good taste.

Furniture are remarkable in every section, they were built with noble materials and homemade details. In the reception area there are two big couches with capitoné back, upholstered with purple corduroy, perhaps the most daring colorful touch in the whole building. They are complemented by two capelin style couches which completely assure you that white will be the leading color in the rest of the hotel.

On the ground floor, you can enjoy the bistro, the breakfast bar as well as an unbelievable Parisian yard with tables and chairs made of wrought iron. Such a significant place deserves a salty and sweet menu full of exclusive dishes prepared by our distinguished chefs Juan Falco e Ignacio Blasco. The wood and the old Mar del Plata`s pictures hanging on the wall give the guests the atmosphere they need to feel comfortable in this room. Plus, along the sidewalk there is an elegant wooden deck, which creates an ideal place to have a coffee or a tea with a Belgian chocolate pastry.  

Pleasant spaces

There are 27 rooms located in three different floors, prepared to preserve a peaceful environment. Exquisitely furnished in white, the spacious room offers comfort and versatility. You can also enjoy deluxe hotel amenities, including Nespresso coffee machine and complimentary petit fours in every suits.

Bathrooms and showers are totally faced with marble, preserving the unique style, and adorned with metal accessories. Soaps, shampoos and creams spread a characteristic aroma custom designed for Sainte Jeanne.

Built to conquer the guest with it remarkable service, installation and decoration, the spa is the jewel of the hotel. And the heated pool is the one which totally capture the attention of them. Once you are there you are able to choose between several types of hydrotherapy treatments designed to help you look and feel your best. On one side you can find two jacuzzis and on the other there are four seats with jets of water prepared to massage the lumbar region. Plus there are four metal deck chairs that provide a delightful massage in your back. In addition, there are four swans and a cascade with different jets of water which deeply massage whoever decides to stay under them.

We highly recommend the spongy mats that we distributed surrounding the pool, each one includes headphones connected with four audio channels; apart from them there is a huge screen where you can enjoy movies and relaxing footages. A sauna where you can see the moonlight every night and a variety of teas are also part of this unique offer.

Our spa services also include a gym, a solarium with a small heated pool and looker rooms that preserve the same style as the room`s bathrooms. From 8 AM through 10 PM you can embark on a wonderful experience where experts in massages provide diverse packages to take care of your body, face and feet, and some of the treatments are based on aromatheraphy and precious stones therapy. During every session professionals use products and soaps made of natural oils exclusively prepared for our spa.

This is a seductive alternative which always invites you to come back.


| Güemes 2850  |  T:+54 0223 420-9200 | Mar del Plata  -  Buenos Aires  -  Argentina